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Nodeon strengthens its ranks: the new Head of Automation and Infra has started!

Experienced infrastructure business developer Jouni Aarnu has started with us as a new business manager (Head of Automation & Infra Solutions).

Jouni will develop our automation business, strengthen our sales and expand our offering to new infrastructure areas in line with the goals of Nodeon's growth strategy.

“Over 20 years of diverse work experience in the infrastructure sector, from design tasks to business management and development, has shaped me into a professional who is prone to many situations. I am an analytical "developer-soul" whose strengths are crystallized in a broad vision of the business and the solution of customer challenges."

Thousand LinkedIn followers limit exceeded

While Nodeon has been prominently featured on social media and in the press for its advanced C-ITS experiments in Jätkäsaari district (Helsinki city), we are pleased to witness that the number of LinkedIn followers has finally exceeded a thousand!

Building visibility and branding on social media is a very determined and persistent job that we have been investing in for several years. It has been great to see that the number of followers has started to grow steadily after a slow start. Thanks to all the clickers!

Big data management with Power BI in a web applications

Big data management with Power BI in a web applications

"Suddenly, there is a situation where the amount of data will continue to grow and the demands for some new prospects and key figures will increase."

For many years, Nodeon has been developing cloud-based systems focused on traffic data management for the needs of cities, traffic planners and researchers. Check out the ite wiki pages when Nodeon's data warehousing and data analysis experts talk about this work and how the Power BI tool has been successfully used to manage and analyze data.

The new ring road has significantly reduced emissions and passing through traffic in the city of Lahti

The new ring road has significantly reduced emissions and passing through traffic in the city of Lahti

This road project, which is significant on the scale of Nodeon and Finland, has had a positive effect in the city of Lahti as the inconvenience caused by city centre passing through traffic has decreased. With the advanced traffic measurement data analysis solution, created by Nodeon, the benefits of the project can be verified quite easily.

Nodeon played a significant role in the design, programming and deployment phase of the project's technical systems. We were responsible for automation, electrical, telecommunications, system and software design.

All passing through traffic now measured in the city of Turku

All passing through traffic now measured in the city of Turku

The center of Turku is bisected by that famous river. Nodeon's measurement team worked hard in the center of Turku for about a month and measured all passing through traffic bypassing the city center.

In the HUPMOBILE project, Turku develops comprehensive sustainable mobility solutions together, e.g. With Tallinn, Hamburg and Riga. As background material for the design of the project, the city needed information on all through traffic in the downtown area and its routes on the bridges across the Aura River. Nodeon conducted this challenging traffic survey using 18 different measurement points, utilizing and integrating data from camera measurements and German smartmicro radar equipment.

Traffic safety and smoothness will be improved in the Klaukkala bypass road

Traffic safety and smoothness will be improved in the Klaukkala bypass road

The new traffic management system for the Klaukkala bypass will be introduced today (image source: ePressi).
The system will improve the flow and safety of traffic on the busy Hämeenlinna motorway between Klaukkala and Nurmijärvi.

Nodeon has been involved in the design and implementation phases of the project since spring 2019. We were responsible for areas related to system technology, such as electrical, automation, telecommunications, software design and system integration. During the implementation phase, Nodeon's tasks included the implementation of the systems and the coordination of testing.

Thanks for a nice project to all partners!

Nodeon Esports team on fire again!

Nodeon Esports team on fire again!

Nodeon has had a team in the "Kanaliiga", electronic sports business leagure, for several years and a season.

The Nodeon Esports team brings together representatives from different expert groups throughout our company, from software to automation and electrical design. The team plays Counter Strike or CS: GO, PUBG could also be interested in next. In addition to the joy of playing, you can also hone your team skills, pressure tolerance and quick tactics. Playing is a clear part of Nodeon’s culture and doing things together. Computers and gaming have been with our experts since we were children. "It probably left the servers running, when they were 8 or 9 years old."

Greetings from Hamburg!

Greetings from Hamburg!

Nodeon is participating in this year’s ITS World Congress in Hamburg. The ITS World Congress is the world’s largest event on the mobility of intelligent mobility and transport.

Nodeon's services have been on display in the Nordic Pavilion at the joint Nordic exhibition stand and have aroused a lot of interest. According to our sales director Aapo Pöyhönen (pictured), the fair week has spawned numerous interesting discussions between ITS experts in different countries. And best of all, after the corona break, such international live events are possible again! Thank you to ITS Finland for organizing a joint Nordic exhibition stand.

The City of Light 2021 event is here again

The City of Light 2021 event is here again

The City of Light 2021 event will be held in Jyväskylä again after the interim year caused by the corona pandemic.

Nodeon's Markku Pakarinen (pictured), Ilkka Tuunanen and Juhani Saari again this year participated in the traditional two-day professional seminar in the field of lighting in the City of Valo. Lighting design is part of our ever-growing urban services, and we do e.g. Outdoor lighting design for the city of Jyväskylä under a multi-year framework agreement. The seminar was the first live expert event for virtually all participants after the corona arrived. Great to be able to meet again face to face!

Nodeon is participating in this year’s WIMMA Lab as a corporate sponsor

WIMMA Lab is a project-based learning concept of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, in which diverse student teams form virtual companies, and solve e.g. challenges from companies. We have participated in the project throughout the summer, e.g. devising a challenge game and organizing a joint outdoor event and code reviews. In June, Labials delved into the worlds of recruitment and job search under the leadership of our HR manager Suvi. The job search grapple covered different perspectives on job search, tips on search documents and interviews, and the use of LinkedIn.

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