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Nodeon is participating in this year’s WIMMA Lab as a corporate sponsor

WIMMA Lab is a project-based learning concept of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, in which diverse student teams form virtual companies, and solve e.g. challenges from companies. We have participated in the project throughout the summer, e.g. devising a challenge game and organizing a joint outdoor event and code reviews. In June, Labials delved into the worlds of recruitment and job search under the leadership of our HR manager Suvi. The job search grapple covered different perspectives on job search, tips on search documents and interviews, and the use of LinkedIn.

Dutch Talking Traffic concept now also in Finland

Dutch Talking Traffic concept now also in Finland

Monotch and Nodeon have started co-operation to promote the use of interoperable intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) in Finland. The companies have entered into an agreement to represent Monotch's TLEX system in the Finnish market. In the Netherlands, TLEX plays a key role in the national Talking Traffic concept, which enables nationwide intelligent roadside infrastructure and vehicle communication.

Take a closer look at the content of the agreement as well as ideas of the companies' representatives and the cooperation!

Smart cities are built on versatile data transfer solutions

The smart cities of the future will be heavily dependent on diverse and well-functioning telecommunications connections. Nodeon has extensive experience in using and combining multiple telecommunications solutions into functional solutions. One example is the solution implemented for the city of Jyväskylä for the data transmission needs of streetside technology, which connects mobile data networks and effectively utilizes traditional copper roadside connections with modern technologies. The network serves as a multi-service platform for the data transmission needs of smart roadside devices.

Nodeon launches pilots of 3D lidar sensor technology and AI edge intelligence in Jätkänsaari

Nodeon launches pilots of 3D lidar sensor technology and AI edge intelligence in Jätkänsaari

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab selected new intelligent transport innovations to try in the West Harbor area. We are pleased to be able to start experiments with 3D Lidar sensor technology and Edge AI edge intelligence in the Jätkänsaari area of Helsinki with other selected companies and great solutions. Our purpose is to produce accurate and real-time information e.g. traffic management and safety solutions, traffic control optimization and traffic distribution.

An experienced infrastructure expert started as Nodeon’s new project manager

Long-standing project leader Jyrki Järvinen has started with us as a project manager for research and development projects.

Jyrki will lead large-scale R&D projects and develop our R&D efforts more and more in a direction that supports the goals of our business and strategy.

“For the past 15 years, I have worked in a variety of road IT positions. My main areas of responsibility have been the development, maintenance and procurement of road tunnel systems, and my own customers have been road traffic centers. Experience in the project world has been gained domestically and internationally. ”

Nodeon is involved in developing the smarter ship terminals of the future

Nodeon is involved in developing the smarter ship terminals of the future

It is great to be involved in DIMECC Oy's Sea For Value (S4V) research and development program, which is part of the OneSea autonomous maritime transport development ecosystem. In the project, we will focus on improving the efficiency of port terminals, especially from the perspective of vehicle traffic. The focus of our research is on the situation of vehicle traffic, optimization of vehicle flows and smarter parking of port terminals.

Welcome Sami and Jesse!

We have once again had the pleasure of welcoming new experts to our house. Sami is our newest software developer, and brings additional reinforcement to our software team, especially in user interface design. In addition to software development, Sami has gained interesting experience in the field of automation, and we can utilize this combination of expertise in our customer projects.

Nodeon conducts traffic surveys for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency with the help of Smartmicro radars

Nodeon’s short-term traffic measurement services and smartmicro radars provide the customer with an easy and reliable way to conduct traffic surveys. Tell us your measurement problem and we'll take care of the rest. From design to implementation and data production. One of our traffic surveys was carried out in challenging conditions for the Finnish Rail Agency, which focused on the development and research of traffic safety in road traffic tunnels.

Lahti’s southern ring road opened to traffic

Nodeon's most significant project in recent years has now reached the most important point, which is to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

This brilliantly advanced project was implemented using an alliance model. The excellence of the project is described by e.g. the fact that the road I let into traffic a year ahead of schedule.

Nodeon has played a significant role in the design, programming, implementation and now maintenance of the project's technical systems. Our responsibility has been automation, electrical, telecommunications, system and software design.

Intelligence for traffic and its planning!

Intelligence for traffic and its planning!

What tools are used to plan future intelligent transport? Nodeon's experts have been involved in designing technology solutions for Finland's most important transport projects since the 1990s. Markku Pakarinen, Nodeon's design manager, talks about this and other developments in the intelligent transport industry in an article by CADMATIC Finland.

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Ideapark Commercial City in Lempäälä attracts up to 7 million visitors a year, and 99 per cent of them arrive by car, Nodeon carried out a traffic flow analysis for Ideapark in late winter 2019.

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