The level of good planning and doing is always also determined within the framework of the available resources. The result is, hopefully, a plan or software project that lacks only implementation.

The limited lifecycle of technologies and rapid changes in operating environments are a recurring source of uncertainty in future service or development solutions.  Although the uncertainty factors could, of course, most of the time be done away with a boundless budget, sensible risk management can usually provide you with sufficiently good technology or manageability when it comes to a program’s lifecycle.

Time is relative, and its perception depends on the observer. The modern world is characterised by the use of time and its increasingly precise management. People’s lives are being run by a variety of work and spare-time schedules, which too often overlook the circadian rhythm. Time probably has a beginning and, possibly – compared to the human lifespan, after an infinite period of time – also an end, whereas schedules are people’s own doing, often dictated by a finite project and its budget.

I want to understand things, people and myself. I’m adaptable and respect the opinions of other people, particularly if they are well-grounded, even if I’d be of a different opinion. Differing opinions on one issue dot not, however, exclude an even far-reaching understanding on another.  Naturally, admitting to your own mistakes or failures is not always easy and often requires some digesting as well, but after a while, the very same can also be a subject of some cautious mirth.

I try to develop my own know-how whenever the opportunity to do so presents itself. Some of this learning has also taken place via the “deep end” and demanded brutal practice or, at times, even fairly heated discussion. Luckily, various learning opportunities in expert tasks are sure to come across in the future, too, for which I’ll take the opportunity here to thank my co-workers and our partners in advance.

Our industry needs people with different competence backgrounds who have the courage to face the challenges they come across with an open mind. Personnel is the most important resource of an organisation of experts, and its competence is more than the sum of its parts. My tasks often require extensive know-how in the fields of automation, electrical engineering, data communication and software. Extremely few of us, if any, master every aspect of the required technology well enough to implement large-scale deliveries independently within a limited amount of time.

Regards, A perpetual student of life, an expert thanks to a fortuitous turn of events

Food for thought:

Malum est consilium quod mutari non potest. – Publilius Syrus

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