Timo Majala

My work is driven by a passionate and cross-disciplinary approach to business and entrepreneurship. Indeed, I regularly find myself in the midst of an intense discussion on the values and operating culture of a company, the importance of communication, productisation, as well as quality and processes. According to some, I can be quite the nit-picker at times, especially when it comes to documentation. That may very well be so.

Despite my humanistic approach, I have lengthy and diverse experience of work and entrepreneurship in the technology sector. My experience is particularly deep in fields such as intelligent transportation systems (ITS), B2B software development, acting as a consultant for data governance and communication solutions.

My advice to young students aiming to become entrepreneurs is to boldly include cross-disciplinary studies in their study plans.  Good alternatives could include work psychology, philosophy, accounting and communication. Believe me, they would not be wasted!

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