Industrial IoT often involves distributed systems in challenging conditions, due to which reliably functioning data transmission solutions play a significant role in their operations. Nodeon is used to working on and implementing data communication solutions in critical infrastructure, smart cities and smart traffic projects.

Industrial IoT solutions apply various data communication technologies in diverse manners for the purposes of data transmission. In many cases, the IIoT may rely on traditional fixed network or mobile network connections for data transmission, provided that these are available and that their use is otherwise possible. However, they do not always meet the special requirements of IIoT.

Industrial IoT (and IoT) solutions have also been developed technologies of their own, which aim to meet the special challenges inherent in the data transmission of Industrial IoT. A large number of devices need to be connected to a network reliably, and the conditions may often be challenging for the terminal devices for data transmission. The network’s reach should be extremely extensive and the power requirements of terminal devices should be low (electricity is often not available).  Although the capacity requirements for data transmission are not usually very big, data transmission is still typically subject to a reasonable real-time requirement. Recently, the evolutionary path of 4G technology, NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT), and LoRa have been marketed strongly as a solution for these requirements.

  • Network design and implementation
  • Industrial ethernet
  • Challenging environmental conditions
  • Mobile network implementations
  • Information security
  • IoT network solutions
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


Nodeon is familiar with the demands of critical infrastructure projects, such as challenging environmental conditions. Taking a data transmission solution into use on the coast of Vaasa.


Nodeon has extensive and versatile experience of the design and implementation of data communication solutions within the context of Industrial IoT solutions in critical infrastructure. In these environments, data communication networks should usually account for the challenging environmental conditions, in particular, as well as hardened information security requirements and certified solutions. We are very familiar with hardware manufacturers in the field of industrial ethernet as well as solutions built on fibre and copper mediums and wireless data transmission solutions.

In wireless data transmission solutions, Nodeon’s core competence covers tele-operator-independent implementations based on mobile data networks, for which we ourselves produce plenty of distributed intelligence, by taking advantage of the programming of mobile terminal devices (such as Python programming) and other diverse wireless data communication solutions.

  • Tele-operator-independent implementations
  • Integrating field intelligence and data transmission in terminal devices (Python programming)
  • Implementation of device and sensor interfaces to mobile terminal devices
  • MQTT protocol implementations

In fixed network implementations, we possess strong knowledge of all data communication layers of the OSI model (L1–L4) or, in other words, from the design of physical media to the switching and routing network environments.  The list below describes our typical assignments related to data communication network solutions in fixed network implementations for IIoT solutions.

  • Route and cabling designs
  • Local area network design (switch network)
  • Design of routing network (IP subnet, routing protocols)
  • Routing of multicast traffic
  • Design of secure network segmenting
  • Prioritisation of network traffic

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