Traffic around schools is particularly hazardous during children’s journeys to and from school in the mornings and afternoons. There are numerous sudden road crossings and takeover traffic, temporarily parked cars of parents dropping off or picking up their kids from school, and situational speed appears to be often too high. Nodeon has developed a smart traffic solution to improve the traffic safety of schools.

The biggest problem with traditional fixed speed limit and warning signs in the vicinity of schools is the weak loyalty they inspire. According to research, the situation is particularly poor for those who reside in the vicinity of schools and pass the school grounds several times a day. The reason for this is the static nature of the fixed speed limit and warning signs. In other words, the limitations and warnings apply even during hours and days when they are not necessary.

To improve the traffic safety of schools, Nodeon has productised a solution based on dynamic, LED-based speed limit and warning signs as well as the Nodeon Smart City portal. The solution includes variable LED-based signs by the school and their management with an easy-to-use, cloud-based Smart City user interface.

The advantage offered by the variable signs is their dynamic nature. The speed limit is reduced and the sign warning drivers of children going to school is on only during school days. At other times, people can drive in the area according to the normal area speed limit. Another clear advantage is the LED-based signs’ higher visibility and attention value in comparison to a fixed traffic sign.


The biggest advantage of the variable LED-based signs is their dynamism and better attention value in comparison to fixed signs.

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  • Traffic safety for schools
  • Variable message signs (VMS)
  • Distributed intelligence
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Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


Distributed roadside telematics solutions can be considered the top-level of Nodeon’s School Safety solution. This includes the idea of several geographically distributed safety and guidance solutions, all of which can be managed through a single location, the Nodeon Smart City portal. The list below includes examples of various kinds of guidance or warning solutions.

  • In the vicinity of school grounds
  • In the vicinity of day-care centres
  • Other individual hazardous traffic spots (warning signs and/or reduced speed limit)
  • Distributed event guidance
  • Distributed parking guidance
  • Intersections


Time- and calendar-based control schedules can be set in the simple user interface for weekly calendar management.  In addition to controls concerning the normal weekly calendar, the management interface allows the creation of special schedules, which enable exceptions from controls pursuant to the normal weekly calendar.

Nodeon’s solution includes full-matrix LED signs compliant with the European EN12966 standard. The signs can be used to display warnings of all kinds or speed limits. The signs communicate with the Nodeon Smart City portal via mobile networks. The Smart City portal provides a centralised management interface which allows the simultaneous management of several signs in the vicinity of a school.

Give children a Safer Way to School with the Nodeon Smart City solution.

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