Motorways, highways and tunnels first began to be fitted with smart traffic control systems in Finland in the mid-1990s. Nodeon’s experts have been involved in nearly all of these projects.

The implementation of smart traffic projects is Nodeon’s core competence area. Our services include the design of automation, electricity, data communication and software, and the related consulting. Our experts have extensive experience of the successful management of these fields, covering the industry’s entire life cycle.

Typically, Nodeon acts as a designer in traffic projects before the implementation phase. At the implementation phase, we play a versatile role in consulting either the client or the contractor. Our field of operations covers a wide range of construction and development projects in traffic environments, including

  • Tunnels and other underground facilities
  • Road and street environments
  • Motorways
  • Bridges
  • Border crossing points
  • Parking facilities and areas
  • Traffic development and pilot projects
  • Software environments that support traffic control
  • System implementation
  • Tunnels
  • Road and street environments
  • Motorways
  • Bridges
  • System integration
  • SCADA programming
  • PLC programming
  • Commissioning
  • Hardware deliveries
Ilkka Tuunanen

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Ilkka Tuunanen

Our experts have been involved in nearly every design and implementation project concerning road traffic control systems in Finland.

Nodeon has top expertise

Familiarity with the traffic sector and an in-depth knowledge of technological traffic systems create a strong basis for our operations in the implementation phase of a wide range of projects. Our personnel have been involved in nearly all of the design and implementation projects of traffic control systems carried out in Finland and in a number of significant road and tunnel projects abroad.

We can provide your project with the most experienced team in our industry. Our personnel has experience of the implementation of more than 100 traffic projects carried out during the past 20 years. Our expertise is based on the extensive technical know-how typically required in our projects. Ensuring the interoperability of all the parts in a system – in other words system integration in which automation, software and interfaces, data communication, electricity and all technical systems are integrated – plays a particularly important role in our projects.

The implementation of our projects is typically composed of the following tasks:

  • System integration
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA programming (user interfaces)
  • Software development (devices, interfaces, user interfaces)
  • Implementation phase design
  • Project and consulting services
  • Tasks during the commissioning phase
  • Hardware deliveries (control system and data communication)
  • Tasks during the maintenance phase

We consider the good architecture of the solutions we design, in addition to openness and standard implementation methods, to be of primary importance. Even so, the most important thing in project operations is reliability, which is indeed our company’s first and most important value.

We do what we’ve agreed and promised to do.

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