A correctly designed dynamic guidance system spares not only motorists’ nerves but the environment by preventing congestion.

City centres contain a huge amount of unnecessary traffic caused by ill-informed drivers. They drive around searching for a route to an event, for example, or the nearest available parking space. Every now and then, we all run into an unexpected traffic situations or congestion.

Guidance can be improved significantly with the means of Nodeon’s dynamic guidance. Dynamic guidance allows for guiding vehicles to events in the city or directly to the nearest garage or parking area with available spaces, for example. It can also be adapted to the traffic situation, which prevents congestion.

  • Smoothness of traffic
  • Dynamic signs
  • LED technology
  • Cloud-based management
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


Reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles in your city with more effective traffic guidance.


  • Distributed event guidance
  • City route guidance
  • Distributed parking guidance
  • Guidance according to the traffic situation (e.g. Individual spots susceptible to congestion)

Nodeon has developed dynamic guidance solutions precisely for the needs of cities. The dynamic LED-based sign solutions account for the cramped conditions of the street networks in city centres.

The signs come in different sizes according to their purpose, and they meet the criteria of the European standard EN 12966. In addition, the ready-to-use cloud-based management system provides an easy way to manage the system.

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