Bypassing traffic in the vicinity of schools and daycare centres is often a source of risks. The effectiveness of traditional speed limit and warning signs in these areas is often poor. 

Studies have shown that the people living in the vicinity of schools have the poorest track record in observing warning and speed limit signs in the area. The reason for this is the static nature of the reduced speed limit and warning signs. In other words, the limitations and warnings apply even during hours when they would not be necessary.

Nodeon’s solution transforms the signs into dynamic ones which change according to the situation. Changing LED-based signs attract more attention and give warnings when necessary, when they are also observed better.

  • Transport safety
  • Dynamic LED signs
  • Smart traffic management
  • Turnkey deliveries
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


The biggest advantage of the changing LED-based signs is their dynamic nature and better attention value than that of fixed signs.


The solution is also easy to procure. There is no need to draw up time-consuming requirement specification documents or the requirements of the management interface.

In Nodeon’s solutions, the signs are delivered with consideration for the cramped urban environments and they accord with the European standard EN 12966. The signs can be managed through Nodeon’s cloud-based Smart City user interface, which is included in the delivery.


  • In the vicinity of school grounds
  • In the vicinity of daycare centres
  • Changing signs that respond to traffic volumes
  • Points in the road network that respond to weather conditions (e.g. bridges, ramps)
  • Other hazardous traffic spots (dynamic warning and/or reduced speed limit)

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