At the time children are arriving at or leaving school are perceived as dangerous for children. Children are crossing roads, high volumes of traffic, manoeuvring vehicles, parked vehicles obscuring visibility and vehicle speed often appear too high. Nodeon has developed a solution based on dynamic LED signs and a cloud-based central system which is easy to procure, to improve the traffic safety of schools, particularly in urban areas.

A Safer Way to School is part of Nodeon’s concept of decentralised signal and safety solutions. The core idea behind the concept is that although smart roadside telematics are typically built in the form of large-scale systems in Finland and the Nordic countries, there may also be a need for smaller decentralized solutions of this kind in hazardous segments of a road or street network.

Such places can include schools and daycare centres, hazardous junctions, as well as certain segments of the road network in particular weather conditions. Nodeon’s solution is also ideal for distributed signal solutions, such as city-wide parking, event or routing guidance systems.


Traffic around schools is particularly hazardous during children’s journeys to and from school in the mornings and afternoons.

Timo Majala

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Timo Majala

Nodeon improved traffic safety near a school and a daycare center in Jyväskylä

Nodeon implemented a traffic safety solution near Luonetjärvi School and the neighbouring daycare centre in Tikkakoski, Jyväskylä, in cooperation with Sitowise and Häme University of Applied Sciences. The solution is based on Nodeon’s productised A Safer Way to School solution.

Full-matrix variable LED signs compliant with the EN12966 standard were installed near the school and daycare centre. The signs indicate the 30 km/h speed limit imposed in the area and a warning related to the school grounds on school days, from the mornings until the afternoons. During other times, the traffic is not inconvenienced with the reduced speed limit, which is changed back to 40 km/h. The roadside signs are managed by Nodeon’s cloud-based Smart City management system.

The solutions was designed to improve urban traffic safety

A Safer Way to School is a solution designed for the often crowded streets specifically in urban environments. The sign’s physical dimensions have been reduced in comparison to normal signs of the kind used on highways and motorways. This was achieved by using the smaller 640-mm version of the warning sign. The smaller size enables the use of lighter support structures and, at the same time, the installation of the solution is also possible in even the most crowded street networks of an urban area.

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