Ice hockey is without doubt the best-loved team sport in Finland. This is easy to see, especially in spring when people gather together in city center coffee shops and bars, all excited to see hour our national team does in the annual world championships.

The mission of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association is to improve conditions for all of the over 3,000 teams and 70,000 registered players at all levels, as well as to activate parents and other stakeholders for voluntary work, and increase the culture of winning, to mention just a few things. One goal of all this is to play the world’s best ice hockey in Finland, but especially to add value for everyone participating in this sport.

Huge amount of sport related data

One challenging task for the Finnish Ice Hockey Association is to administrate all data related to the sport and to offer real-time results services to the media and audiences. This means, for example, maintaining historical data and registers for all teams, players, referees, game schedules, game results and other game statistics.

  • software development
  • Big data
  • sports data management
  • distributed data collecting
  • media interfaces
Jarno Kallio

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Jarno Kallio


Nodeon has a wide-scale role to implement new data management system in urgent timetable

Nodeon participated in the challenging project of renewing the Finnish Ice Hockey Association’s web-based data management system, including the real-time results service and statistical system for administrating all the above-mentioned activities in a very urgent timetable. The system was designed and implemented from scratch, and we participated in all phases of the work, from the design of the architecture to the actual implementation of the system.

Today, the system is used every day by thousands of different people in all hockey and floorball games played under the auspices of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association and the Finnish Floorball Association, as well as in the main Finnish ice hockey league. The system generates almost 100 million database transactions yearly and delivers real-time results services to the all major media in the country.

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