An amusement park follows, on the one hand, the laws of the trade industry and, on the other hand, the laws of an event organiser. Be that as it may, Nodeon’s analysis produces precise information on the amusement park’s customers.

Opened in 1975, Särkänniemi is the second largest amusement park in Finland and a major travel destination. In the summer season, it attracts more than half a million visitors.

In 2015, for example, the park’s visitors in the summer numbered 554,000 and during the entire year, 638,000. Travel destined for Särkänniemi brings EUR 70 million and 220,000 days of accommodation to the city of Tampere every year. In a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, Särkänniemi has been selected as Finland’s best recreational centre in many years.

  • Customer analysis
  • user surveillance
  • user origin area analysis
  • recurrence and duration analysis
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


Nodeon’s analytics provide the customer with interesting information related to its customers’ origin areas.


Nodeon’s traffic flow analysis combines data from a variety of sources. The data included in Traficom’s registration database can be used to produce an analysis of the visitor traffic in terms of the origin areas, the recurrence of visits, and the duration of visits. Of course, the vehicles can simultaneously be categorised from a variety of aspects (the number of electric cars, emission values, makes, models, etc.).

When the resulting analyses are then combined with the data of the Population Register Centre, the resulting analysis provides precise facts related to the origin areas of the customer flows, including the average age of the visitors, the number of children per household, education, median income, and so on.

The analyses provide an excellent basis for the development of operations at Särkänniemi. The measurements can also be renewed after the development projects, providing the customer with a clear view of their impact.


While the measurements provide Särkänniemi with diverse new data on its customers, it is important for the analyses’ not to cause problems related to personal data protection for the projects. This is ensured in Nodeon’s traffic flow analyses.

No personal data at all or of any kind is disclosed to the customer in connection to the measurements. No names, street addresses or vehicle registration numbers. Postal codes represent the deepest level of data put at the disposal of the customer.

Nodeon takes the protection of personal data seriously and it is one of the starting points in the development of every product. It is easy for the customer to purchase measurements given that it does not involve the establishment of a personal data register and that Nodeon has already agreed on all issues related to the protection of personal data with Traficom.

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