I’m driven by a continuous need for development and to develop, both at work and during my spare time. I see problems as challenges which I approach from a practical starting point, relying on theory for support. I consider mastery of the big picture and honing details to be equally natural parts of my area of activities.

Technology, electricity and electronics have interested me for as long as I can remember – many an appliance and device ended up dismantled into parts in my desk drawer because I wanted to find out how they worked. The same enthusiasm led to me to this industry, via an education in automation.

I have diverse work experience in electrical, data communication and automation systems in the industrial and transport sectors. I’ve worked on many different kinds of project tasks from preliminary design to implementation, installation and commissioning in the timber industry, power stations, water treatment, power distribution and traffic management systems.

Rather than shying away from manual work, I actually enjoy it. To counterbalance my work as a system designer and consultant, I enjoy using my hands to work on renovating my house and building vintage cars. Nor are control systems entirely absent from my hobbies, which are a mixture of practical needs and imagination. I’ve come up with a number of data collection, testing and control applications in the context of my personal projects – even the playhouse has a self-made control device for lighting.

Extensive experience and know-how in both hardware and software are indeed very much my forte. Do it properly or not at all. Only quality performances make a difference.

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