Ilkka Tuunanen

My fairly calm demeanour hides a resolute problem solver who enjoys situations which make most people’s hair go grey.  Tasks which require the mastery of the big picture of a large-scale project are my strong suit. In terms of my working habits, I’m a reliable team player who likes to make decisions. More often than not, though, this decision-making is preceded by a thorough examination of issues and risk mapping, which also often leads to a better result.

I have fairly diverse technical know-how in electricity, automation, data communication and software, as well as their integration. I have worked on a variety of infrastructure, traffic and tunnel projects for about 20 years, during which time I’ve put my mind to everything from preliminary planning to implementation. This experience has provided me with a strong and broad perspective when I’m engaged in project activities.

The best way to achieve a desired result is through solid teamwork and good communication.

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