Jarno Kallio

My thought patterns are based on a pragmatic approach. I always try to see things as parts of a bigger picture and to solve problems in a comprehensive manner. I have good leadership and people skills, which I also consider to be of paramount importance when we’re working together with a customer. In my opinion, everything we do should be based on an appreciation of the customer’s problems and business.

My background includes almost 20 years of experience in various types and sizes of information system projects, in which I’ve worked in every role from programmer to project manager. Recently, I have been responsible particularly for various kinds of integration projects. I also have strong skills in transferring understanding of architectural design and information systems between technological and business solutions.

The software business is all about simply solving your customers’ problems, and the best way to solve these problems lies in seamless cooperation, good project management and a comprehensive appreciation of the customer’s business models.

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