Passing through traffic refers to the traffic passing through a particular area or way. Nodeon’s camera-based measurement solution for passing through traffic is capable of the large-scale analysis and measurement of passing through traffic.

On some ways and routes, passing through traffic is desirable. This is the case with roads that bypass cities. Sometimes the aim is to avoid passing through traffic.  Such areas include city centres in which the aim is to reduce the volume of private motoring.

The successful measuring of passing through traffic requires the identification of an individual vehicle at two points, in the minimum. In addition to the volume of traffic, it would often prove useful to know where the traffic comes from. This information becomes particularly relevant in attempts to influence passing through traffic.

The passing through measurement and analysis solution developed by Nodeon provides data on the volume and origins of passing through traffic. At the same time, a passing through can be subject to a traffic flow analysis offered by Nodeon, which categorises the traffic in diverse ways based on the departure area and breaks it down into different types of vehicles and motive powers. It also measures the CO2 emissions of the passing through traffic.


  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Camera-based measurement
  • Energy self-sufficient solutions
  • Productised solutions
  • Nodeon Smart City centralised situational awareness
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


The transportable camera measurement point productised by Nodeon is ideal for short-term passing through traffic measurements.


  • The measurement and analysis of the traffic on a particular way or route (precise profiling of passing through traffic in terms of origin areas and vehicular breakdown)
  • The measurement of passing through traffic in larger areas with the help of multiple measuring points (for example, the simultaneous measurement of traffic that passes through a city centre at several inbound and outbound points)
  • Analysis of commuter traffic between cities on major traffic routes
  • Analyses of customers’ departure areas and stays in shopping centres or park-and-ride areas


The measurement and analysis of passing through traffic is based on measurements carried out with two or more camera-based register identification and measurement points.

Nodeon’s Smart City system also manages virtual measurement points formed from groups of several measurement points. This allows for combining all of the inbound lanes west of the city centre into a single virtual measurement point. The same is done to outbound lanes.

Thoroughfare traffic measurements can be carried out at fixed measurement points or the temporary measurement points productised by Nodeon.

The Nodeon Smart City portal produces a continuous real-time situational picture of passing through traffic for the customer, as well as key indicators related to the traffic flow, graphs which describe the development of the key indicators and options for reports on historical data. The raw data produced by the measurement points can also be produced for the customer’s own analyses.


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