Cities are also developing their networks of pedestrian and cycle lanes with increasing speed. At the same time the importance of pedestrian and cycling traffic measuring increases.

The increasing popularity of walking and cycling, particularly in bigger cities, has been a positive phenomenon brought about by climate change. Cities also try to increase their popularity even further by constructing better pedestrian and cycle lanes and by offering other services that increase and facilitate cycling, such as bicycle-sharing systems.

In many places, the ultimate goal is to dedicate city centres entirely to pedestrian and cycling traffic.

Nodeon offers the measurement of pedestrian and cycling traffic as a fixed part of our company’s traffic measurement services. We provide an efficient method for the measurement and classification of pedestrian and cycling traffic. The data is provided to the customer in a centralised manner, in real-time, in the Nodeon Smart City measurement and analysis system, which centralises all measurement data.

  • The number of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Camera image and AI identification
  • Centralised data analysis
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


The measurement data of all measurement techniques can be accessed in a centralised manner in Nodeon’s Smart City cloud solution.

AI-based measurement

Neural networks and deep learning have been one of the most rapidly advancing areas of technology in recent years. Across the world, research and development teams are teaching neural networks to identify the most diverse things from images. Traffic measurement has been one of the many branches of development in this respect.

Nodeon provides a solution based on a combination of AI and an efficient camera image for the measurement of vehicular traffic. The solution enables an efficient two-way measurement of pedestrian and cycling traffic. One of the solution’s other superior advantages is that it allows the simultaneous measurement and categorisation of both vehicular traffic and pedestrians and cyclists on the basis of a single video image.

AI-based measuring points produce real-time data to Nodeon’s cloud-based Smart City data collection system, which contains all of the data and analysis of Nodeon’s various measurement solutions.

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