The trade industry and events are all about customers. It is crucial to know everything you can about your customers when you develop your operations or, say, target your marketing.

Where do your customers come from? What is the area like? How often do they come, and how long do they stay when they do? And how are these aspects likely to develop in the long term, while you develop your operations?

You can find out all this (and quite a bit more) with Nodeon’s services.

Management by data is a continuously growing trend. It is driven particularly by data, which is available in continuously increasing amounts from public sources and thanks to the development of diverse measurement solutions.

True to its name, management by data requires both, management, in addition to data. The management is usually fairly difficult to outsource. Even so, it is important to start developing your business operations when you obtain a new situational picture on the basis of the data.

You need development plans based on the new data, aiming to influence your business.

The impact of development projects can be gauged through continuous measurement. The result is another new situational picture, which functions as the source data for the planning of further development – completing the cycle of management by data.

  • Customer flow analysis
  • Origin area analyses
  • Durations
  • Frequency
  • Demographics
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


People often arrive to events from far and wide. It is useful to know where, exactly.

Extensive data, safely

 We provide the trade industry and event organisers with a highly efficient and extensive measurement solution for the analysis of customer flows. We capture more than 90 per cent of customers’ vehicular flows.

The registration identification of vehicles, the central government’s vehicle registration database and the Population Register Centre’s data allow for finding out interesting details of customer flows. These include origin areas, the frequency and duration of visits, the diverse categorisation of vehicles (types, makes, models, age, motive power and the number of electric cars) and the profiles of origin areas in postal code level, such as the area-specific average number of children, average age, tertiary education rate and the median income of households.

Nodeon’s solutions are secure in terms of personal data protection. Nodeon does not disclose personal data to its customers. Nodeon and Traficom have an agreement on the service’s operation as well as its information security and personal data protection, due to which customers can operate with Nodeon safely and develop customer analytics without worrying about GDPR requirements.

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