National Road 12 is a national highway heading from east to west and one of the only main national roads that still runs through a city centre in Finland. In this project Nodeon is contributing to the improvement of traffic safety in the Lahti and Hollola area and enhancing land use by designing the technical solutions of national road 12, the ring road south of Lahti.

In 2017, the City of Lahti, the municipality of Hollola and the Finnish Transport Agency entered into an implementation agreement over the project concerning national road 12, the ring road south of Lahti. By that time, the project had been pending for nearly 50 years. The new road, whose total costs come to slightly less than EUR 300 million and which bypasses the centres of Lahti and Hollola, will be implemented using three separate contracts. It is set to open for traffic in 2020. The length of the ring road to be built in the project is approximately 13 km, including two tunnels.

The ring road will generate substantial cost savings and enable the development of local logistics areas. From the perspective of land use, the project promotes the development of the area around Lahti station, the area of Asko, Sopenkorva, and the centre of Hollola. The quality of living increases as a considerable volume of thoroughfare traffic is directed away from urban centres, thereby reducing noise, emissions and congestion.

  • Smart traffic
  • Planning services
  • Road projects
  • Automation design
  • Electricity planning
  • Safety system design
  • System integration planning
  • Electricity design of road and street lightning
Markku Pakarinen

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Markku Pakarinen


National road 12, south of Lahti, aims to ensure smoother and safer traffic on national road 12 and to improve the development opportunities of land use and business life in the Lahti region.

Nodeon's planning and design skills at the project's disposal since the road planning phase

The planning of the technical systems and solutions of extensive road projects constitutes Nodeon’s core competence. Our experts have solid experience of practically all of Finland’s large-scale road and tunnel projects, in which the sites are equipped with smart traffic telematics and other safety systems.

Regarding the national road 12 project, Nodeon has been involved since the road planning phase in 2014–2015. Nodeon was also selected to be a partner of Valtari, the ring road’s implementer alliance during the development phase in 2017. Nodeon will also continue as a partner of the alliance during the implementation phase as of 2018. Nodeon has a lot of experience in alliance-model operations, starting already from the very first Finnish large-scale road project to have been implemented with the alliance model in Tampere tunnel project.

The contents of Nodeon’s planning assignments have consisted of the following tasks, for example:

  • The design of traffic management and HVAC system (system engineering, automation design)
  • The electricity provision planning for tunnels (20 kV, 400 V, cable routes/conduits, raceways, instrumentation)
  • Safety system planning for tunnels (fire alarms, emergency phones, burglar alarms, tannoy systems as well as emergency and evacuation lighting)
  • System integration design (interfaces between systems)
  • Electricity provision planning for road and street lights

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