Ideapark Commercial City in Lempäälä attracts up to 7 million visitors a year, and 99 per cent of them arrive by car, Nodeon carried out a traffic flow analysis for Ideapark in late winter 2019.

Nodeon’s Traffic Measurement and Customer Analytics produced information on where the customers (vehicles, down to the postal code area) come from, how long they stay for, how often they visit, and so forth. In other words, information that is valuable in terms of the targeting of marketing and the monitoring of its effect as well as Ideapark’s comprehensive development on a general level.

The traffic was measured and analysed a week before the skiing holiday season (i.e. during a “normal” week) and during three consecutive weeks of skiing holidays.

Ideapark’s shopping center manager Visa Vainiola was very happy with the results of the work.

“The outcome exceeded our expectations. We acquired clearly deeper customer data and even deeper analyses adapted to our needs. The studies confirmed our own observations, but they also produced new, even surprising information on customer behaviour,” says Vainiola.


Ideapark was particularly interested in studying the changes that the winter holiday season in 2019 had on customer flows.

Nodeon knows how to listen to a customer

The project also brought about a lot of good ideas on how to further develop the product and service. Both parties want to continue the cooperation with fixed measurements during the summer of 2019. The preliminary and groundwork began immediately.

In addition to the results, Vainiola has praise for how the entire project was run, starting from the initial contact.

“I had no previous information about Nodeon, but this was the best project I’ve ever been involved in. I warmly recommend Nodeon to anyone with needs of this kind. And we’ve also agreed to continue our cooperation.”

“The entire process was carried out in an exemplary fashion, starting from the initial contact. Nodeon’s Head of Sales got in touch and turned out to be a very skilful salesperson. I’m known for how difficult it is to get me in a meeting, but he convinced me on the spot,” says Vainiola.

“They really know how to listen to a customer. I get dozens of calls a day, and can honestly say that 90 per cent of companies lack this skill. Our communication with both of our contact persons at Nodeon was extremely easy and effective, and both always went straight to the point.”

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