As in so many other areas of the technology sector, the number of aspects that need to be managed in the design of data communication networks is increasing continuously.  Nodeon’s special areas of competence include the design of data communication networks in the challenging areas of critical infrastructure and the industrial IoT.

In terms of the design of data communication networks, critical infrastructure projects require the consideration of a project’s particular environmental conditions. Projects of this kind are often also extremely critical in terms of their operational reliability, due to which the reliability and security of the data communication network warrant special attention.

The management of the range of devices available for the industrial ethernet and their properties forms one important aspect of network design in critical infrastructure projects. Industrial ethernet solutions are characterised by hardened requirements pertaining to environmental conditions and (particularly in the past) by device manufacturer-specific implementations of circular extension networks which recover from breaks on a millisecond level.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) also poses special challenges for the development of data communication networks. An example of this is the development of wireless networks, in which a traditional increase of network capacity has not steered development; rather, the focus has been on the minimum power consumption of terminal devices at the expense of network capacity.

Nodeon is focused on the design of data communication networks in critical infrastructure and IIoT projects.

Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


In the field of data communication design, Nodeon is focused particularly on the design of data communication networks in critical infrastructure and IIoT projects. We are extremely adept at considering highly challenging environmental conditions, network reliability and hardened information security requirements in the design of networks.

Our experts also have long-term experience of solutions implemented in mobile networks. We’ve learned that in solutions of this kind, the data transmission solutions require the design of the entire system architecture, taking into account the distinctive characteristics of the mobile network.

In mobile network implementations, Nodeon’s strengths also include strong programming skills. Programmable mobile terminal devices (such as those running Python) allow us to implement system-level distributed architecture solutions in which data transmission on public mobile networks can, at the protocol level, be carried out in an encrypted form, bidirectionally and independent of the operator.

Our areas of competence in the design of data communication are listed below:

  • The design of switch and routing networks
  • Industrial ethernet
  • Command of challenging conditions
  • Mobile networks
  • Wireless solutions
  • Firewall environments
  • Information security

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