The design and implementation of overall solutions for control and monitoring systems has to account for all of the technologies and environmental factors that influence it. This typically requires extremely extensive technological know-how, which combines several different fields of technology.

We specialise in automation, electricity, data communication and software design and in integrating these areas into a single, seamless overall solution. Our services range from the preliminary design of system solutions and consulting all the way up to solution deliveries and their life cycle management.

The delivery of overall solutions for demanding control and monitoring systems is usually composed of the following stages:

  • Preliminary investigation and requirements specification
  • Technology survey and architectural designs
  • Project planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance services
  • Integration of technological skills
  • ICT + automation + electricity
  • Open architectures
  • Challenging environmental conditions
Markku Pakarinen

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Markku Pakarinen

Nodeon’s skill lies in integrating all fields of technical know-how into seamless overall solutions which support open standards and in accounting for challenging environmental conditions.

Nodeon as a developer of integrated systems

Nodeon is a technology supplier, combining the services of a design and engineering agency and an ICT house. We can provide design and software services in which ICT, automation and electricity make up a naturally compatible whole.

We are happy to develop overall solutions for demanding and new types of systems which benefit from our expertise. Our demanding design projects are often located in challenging environmental conditions which require the consideration of a great degree of fluctuation in temperatures and humidity, vibration and long geographical distances.

We consider the open architecture of technology solutions – which accounts for challenging environmental conditions and implementation methods compliant with industry standards – to be of utmost importance. In deliveries, we typically design the entire control or monitoring system, including the necessary integrations. These control and monitoring solutions can be composed of the following elements, depending on the project:

  • Design (automation, electricity, data communication)
  • Control system (such as PLC)
  • User interface (such as SCADA)
  • Customised software implementations
  • Cloud service solutions
  • Secure data communication solutions (fixed and mobile network)
  • Interfaces
  • Databases
  • Data analysis solutions
  • The specification and delivery of control, data communication and field devices

Our company’s extensive technology expertise makes us an extremely sought-after partner for everything from small-scale technological investigations to large-scale deliveries of overall solutions that take years to complete.

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