Software designing plays a key role in our company’s project deliveries as well as the development of our own products and services.

As a technology provider, we have in-depth expertise in automation, electricity, data communication and software designing. Of these, software designing has grown in importance all the time and in step with the number of experts focused on this area in our company.

Our software designers are used to working on large-scale projects involving infrastructure development and the industrial IoT as part of multi-skilled teams (automation, electricity, data communication, software) and projects consisting solely of software development.

Nodeon has extensive experience of control and management systems as server and cloud platform implementations, integration solutions in wide-scale implementations including several systems, the implementation of device and sensor interfaces, and the management of big data.

  • Control and management systems
  • Cloud systems
  • System integrations
  • Device and system interfaces
  • From circuit to cloud
  • Industrial IoT
  • Data visualisation
Jarno Kallio

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Jarno Kallio

Nodeon possesses extensive software design competence, but we are particularly good at managing the integration of large systems as well as data and device interfaces in the challenging sectors of critical infrastructure and the IIoT.


Our software designing services cover the entire life cycle of software projects. We have a high degree of competence for the specification work in the initial stages of projects, such as the technical requirements related to architecture and specifications as well as the technical requirements related to project procurements. We’ve also participated in the creation of standard implementation methods, such as the interface specifications of device interface control. In addition to typical software implementation projects, we provide maintenance services for monitoring the functionality of software, development and troubleshooting.

Our experience on large-scale projects has also made us familiar with a variety of project management models, from the traditional waterfall model to modern, agile methodologies.

The list below describes typical areas related to software design:

  • Control and management systems
  • Communication from circuit to cloud
  • System integrations
  • Cloud systems
  • The programming of mobile terminal devices (Python)
  • Industrial IoT solutions
  • Centralised data collection and device management
  • The visualisation and analysis of data


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