The traffic system is undergoing a major transition. As in so many other sectors, this transition is driven by global megatrends such as urbanisation, digitalisation and the requirements of sustainable development.

Making a traffic system more intelligent is also often referred to as the digitalisation of traffic. New, ecological transportation alternatives must also offer an adequate level of services to be able to persuade private motorists to take up other modes of transportation. On the other hand, private motoring is changing at the same time: new, more ecological motive power solutions are under development, restrictions and charges are increasing, and new intelligence is being added to vehicles and the road network.

Technologically intelligent traffic is one of the major applications for IIoT solutions and technology stacks. From the perspective of IIoT, smart traffic solutions contain all of its base elements: continuous measuring, distributed data collection and device management, data communication solutions, real-time situational awareness, centralised storage of big data and the related analytics, as well as strict information security requirements (cyber security) that permeate the entire stack.


Nodeon’s experts have long-term and extensive experience in the development of intelligent transportation systems. Our experts have been involved in the most significant projects in this sector for the past 20 years.

Nodeon offers a diverse range of services and provides solutions for the design, solution delivery and maintenance needs of traffic control systems of large-scale infrastructure projects as well as for the research and development needs of future solutions.

You can find further information about our diverse consulting services in the field of smart traffic on our other pages.



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