It is vital to have an extremely extensive understanding of the operation of systems and the technology applied in them in the maintenance operations for intelligent transportation systems.  The numerous management system design and implementation projects carried out by Nodeon’s experts also enable us to provide high-quality maintenance.

Traffic management systems include a wealth of diverse technology, such as customised software, industrial automation, HVAC, tele and safety systems, intelligent lighting, power distribution, data communication networks, camera technology, sensors, computer vision systems and smart roadside signs and devices. The in-depth understanding of all these elements is essential in terms of high-quality and successful maintenance of traffic management systems.

In addition to technological know-how, process models play an important role in maintenance operations. It has become common practice in maintenance operations related to traffic management systems to implement the maintenance according to the ITIL process model, which is familiar from traditional IT systems. The ITIL model provides the maintenance operations and the parties involved with common operating models and terminology.

  • Maintenance of management systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • System development
  • ITIL processes
  • Productised solutions
Timo Majala

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Timo Majala


Extensive understanding of intelligent transportation systems and the management of maintenance process models enable high-quality system maintenance.


Nodeon is responsible for the maintenance of half of the traffic management systems owned by the Finnish Transport Agency, for example. In addition to the traffic management systems for tunnels, motorways, highways and bridges, the systems to be maintained include different information and guidance systems as well as key software of the national traffic management system architecture. In addition to the aforementioned aspects, Nodeon has a great deal of experience in the maintenance of maritime transport management systems.

At Nodeon, systems maintenance is always based on specified service descriptions and service agreements. Service descriptions define the content of a service in terms of the operating processes, the applied technologies and the service levels, for instance. In addition to normal contractual issues related to the contracting parties, customer-specific service agreements define the systems to be maintained and the customer-specific needs.

From an operational point of view, system maintenance at Nodeon is carried out by a maintenance team composed of experts representing diverse fields of technology. The team members possess a thorough understanding of the technologies used in the traffic management systems.

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