Traffic measurement is developing very rapidly. New measurement technologies offer increasingly efficient means for the traditional measurement of traffic, while the innovative analysis of traffic flows offers huge opportunities for the development of transportation planning and the trade industry.

Transportation planning should aim for increasingly eco-friendly, smooth and safe transportation. On the other hand, to target their marketing and assess its effectiveness, merchants and event organisers could benefit enormously from increasingly accurate data on where their customers come from and who they are.

The measurement and analysis of traffic flows and real-time situational awareness offer interesting data management opportunities for this development.


Nodeon has harnessed its entire expertise in the development of innovative measurement solutions. Our solutions combine the market’s leading, innovative techniques in a new way, starting from the installation methods of measuring equipment – thought through right down to the last detail – and efficient energy management.

We integrate all measurement solutions into Nodeon’s own Smart City cloud service, which allows customers to store the data provided by various measurement solutions in a centralised manner and to manage advanced analyses derived from the data.

Ultimately, the time spent on data management will pay for itself.  An investment in this results in a better understanding of the functioning of traffic systems. In the trade industry, it offers new kinds of conditions for business development and for the monitoring of development projects.

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