Nodeon Finland is a growth-oriented technology provider established in 2013.

We specialise particularly in the design and implementation of technology solutions in critical infrastructure environments.

We help our customers to increase system intelligence and automation as well as in information gathering in all stages of system operations. We provide solutions for real-time monitoring and optimisation of system operations, the improvement of safety as well as the anticipation and automation of operations.

Our expertise is built on four technological pillars: software design, data communication solutions, automation and electrical engineering. Our core competence involves challenges in which all areas of our expertise are combined into a seamless overall solution and delivery. Our services range from the design and consulting at the initial stages of a solution to the delivery of solutions and their life cycle management.


Reliability is our company’s number one value.


Our mission is to support our customers in an increasingly digital world

For us, reliability means doing what has been agreed and promised. Reliability is the foundation of our business.

Freedom and responsibility
We trust our employees. We want to give our employees plenty of freedom when it comes to work, but this freedom comes with great responsibility.

Continuous development
Our thinking is open and unprejudiced. We develop our operations continuously. We have an open and unprejudiced mind towards new technology solutions and new ways of working.

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