Smart cities represent an extremely broad operational field which transcends business areas that have traditionally operated within their own confines, such as technical building services, energy distribution, logistics and traffic. Nodeon plays an important role in the development of future smart cities from the perspective of traffic system development. 

Smart traffic and transportation solutions will play a strong role in the development of future cities. Traffic and transportation should be increasingly ecological, smooth and safe. They should adapt to various traffic situations in real time, offer ecological alternatives to residents and cater to the needs of logistics in increasingly better ways.

In terms of the development of traffic and transportation systems, it is important to develop increasingly efficient ways by which to measure and analyse traffic flows and to produce increasingly accurate situational pictures of traffic in urban areas.


Nodeon focuses particularly on traffic measurement solutions, the analysis of traffic flows and the development of traffic and transportation safety. Our Smart City solutions combine leading device solutions used by the industry, public and open information sources, as well as modern cloud-based platforms for the storage, combination and analysis of data collected from several sources, and for the presentation of situational pictures and historical data.

Nodeon has also developed individualised and easily manageable distributed traffic safety solutions for cities.

For further information on Nodeon’s productised solutions and references, go to the pages found under the Smart Cities menu.

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Traffic measurement solutions

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