The traffic system is in the midst of a major transition in which its change is being steered by global megatrends, such as sustainable development, urbanisation and digitalisation. Digitalisation acts as the enabler of changes. The goal of all development is, as in smart traffic in general, always a smoother, safer and more environmentally friendly traffic system.

In the field of smart traffic, research and development require both extensive sectoral and technological know-how. An understanding of the sector’s history and existing solutions is essential, as is the ability to adopt new technologies on a continuous basis.

Industrial IoT, big data, data analysis, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are developing the sector of smart traffic at a fast pace towards a smoother and more ecological traffic system. At the same time, the potential risks brought about by the development are analysed critically. The cyber security of future solutions and the infallibility of artificial intelligence is one of these risks which keeps returning to the discussion.

  • Proof of Concept
  • Development of smart traffic
  • Technological investigations
  • Technology specifications
  • Project planning and architecture
  • Research collaboration
Jarno Kallio

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Jarno Kallio

Industrial IoT, big data, data analysis, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are shaping the traffic sector at a rapid pace.


Nodeon’s personnel has a long history in the development of practices and technology architectures in the sector of smart traffic in cooperation with other industry operators and the public sector. We have been involved in the creation of new technological solutions and, on the other hand, the development of innovative products for the market. Our work is also visible in the standards applied in the industry, what are referred to as good de facto policies, and the development and specification of national architectures.

Our typical roles in research and development projects include:

  • Technological investigations
  • The design and specification of technological solutions
  • The determination of software interfaces
  • Assessments concerning the applicability of technological solutions
  • Project planning and architecture
  • The testing and development of data communication solutions
  • The integration of technologies
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) development

At Nodeon, the innovations of young, broad-minded experts are reconciled with our deep experience in the smart traffic sector. This creates excellent opportunities for industry development.

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