The expertise of all fields of technology must be on an adequate level in a project to achieve the desired result. Even large-scale projects often run into major problems if the expertise on some minor area fails. Nodeon can offer this missing link for the technical systems of traffic projects.

We often act as both designer and consultant in Finland’s most important traffic projects. We can provide our customers with first-rate experts in all of our areas of competence (automation, electricity, data communication, software, safety systems), whose diverse experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector guarantee that all aspects and areas of a project are taken into account.

Our project skills are available for all stages of a project, from preliminary planning to implementation and maintenance. Our typical project services include quality assurance, scheduling, cost accounting and procurement phase tasks.

Project services are usually required in demanding infrastructure building projects, in which several fields of technology and operators join forces. Such projects include:

  • Tunnels and other underground facilities
  • Motorways
  • Moveable bridges
  • Border crossing points
  • Road and street environments

We provide the infrastructure and road sector with experience and expertise that spans several hundred projects

  • Consulting services
  • Quality assurance
  • Supervisory duties
  • Tender and procurement phase
  • Preparation of procurement documents
  • Specification tasks
  • Client consulting
Ilkka Tuunanen

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Ilkka Tuunanen

Nodeon’s in-depth knowledge of the sector aids projects

Nodeon’s experts possess a significant proportion of our experience and expertise in the sector.  Our experts include several pioneers of smart traffic who have developed the operating models, architectures and techniques of our business ever since we started. This in-depth knowledge of the sector combined with fresh skills offer just the right kind of expertise in this rapidly changing operating environment.

We are used to working in a variety of different roles in large-scale infrastructure projects. Sometimes we represent the client while at other times we represent the contractor. Often we are also part of a larger group of designers and consultants. Understanding these different roles is of primary importance to our operations, so that we can provide our customer with precisely the know-how they need. In these tasks, we consider the independence and liberty of our expert or consultant to be self-evident. Even so, we consider reliability the most important aspect in project operations, and reliability is something we always aspire to, in everything we do.

Our expertise in the project world is composed of experience spanning several hundreds of projects, and it is this expertise we provide to our customers in the infrastructure and traffic sector.  Our projects services include the following tasks:

  • Consulting services related to automation, electricity, data communication, safety systems and software
  • Ensuring the functionality of technical solutions (including quality assurance of designs, software and hardware)
  • Supervisory duties (including work site, commissioning, handover, guarantee period)
  • Consulting tasks during the tender and procurement phase
  • The preparation of invitations to tender and procurement documents
  • Specification of quality requirements
  • Cost accounting
  • Preparation of project schedules
  • Client consulting
  • Investigations and instructions related to projects

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